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Tailored Crash Course for Basic Language Essentials for Those with Very Little Time

In the normal course, we complete 24 hours of language instruction per month based on 2 hours per day, 3 days a week. Using this schedule, a course can be completed in 2 to 4 months (depending on overall duration). Sometimes, there is an urgent requirement and some clients wish to undergo a crash couse. In such cases, we can arrange for 10 hours of instruction per week based on 2 hours per day, 5 days a week. Usually, 4 weeks of such intensive instruction can equip students to manage very well in a foreign country for short durations of time. 


Weekly ‘Online Conversation Clubs’ for Practice with A Trainer

It is easy to forget a new language if you don't practice from time to time. You may not always get a French or Spanish or Mandarin speaker in your neighbourhood to practice with. Even if you do, that person's availability and convenience must be respected. At Language Command, we understand your need to refresh your memory and we can arrange for a few hours of chatting with a trainer where you can not only practice your new language but also clear your doubts on grammar, pronunciation, sentence construction and anything else. These sessions can be separately booked.


Specialised Coaching for School and College Students

Many schools offer a foreign language as the third language option, Colleges too understand that in the job market a working knowledge of a foreign language often gives their students an edge during placement season.. At Language Command, we are happy to provide competent and experienced faculty to help students learn a foreign language.


On-Site Training for Corporates and Government Departments

IT Companies, large construction companies, NGOs, trade departments of central and state governments often need to send some of their employees abroad on various projects. In those countries, discussions and negotiations need to be conducted in the local language. At Language Command we can arrange to send our trainers to your offices to conduct language training in the desired language.


Translation and interpreter services

Translation services are usually required for general and technical documents. We can translate from a foreign language to english and vice-versa. 

Interpreter Services from a foreign language to English can be booked with us for half day or full day services.


Backpackers language toolkit

A leisure or business visit to a strange new country would be much less stressful and far more enjoyable if you could communicate with the locals in their own language. Asking for directions and understanding  their responses enables you to save time. Figuring out the menu and ordering foods which you are comfortable with avoids nasty surprises when you finally realise what you ate. The local people are much more warm and welcoming when they see that you have made an effort to learn and speak local. All in all, the trip leaves deeper and lasting memories.

At Language Command, we can customise a few hours of learning for you in the languages we offer.