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Together with Denmark, Finland, Norway and some others, Sweden is a Nordic country. Nordic literally means 'north' and these countries are on the northern side of Europe, hence 'Nordic"

'Scandinavia' is sometimes used to describe Nordic countries, but strictly speaking, Scandinavia refers to the three countries of Norway, Sweden and Denmark only.

The Scandinavian countries have a strong sea faring history. The exploits of Vikings and Norsemen are the stuff of lore in Europe and responsible for the settlement of large parts of the UK, Central Europe and even New Foundland which is now part of North America.

Sweden's unique location between the Baltic Sea and the Scandinavian mountains offers some stunning natural vistas, with beaches, mountains, glacial lakes and Arctic frozen wastes. 

Knowing the language enables you to communicate effortlessly with the locals, find jobs with ease and in a million small ways, it makes life so much more comfortable, fulfilling and interesting!

Fun fact: Would you believe that Sweden had a Swedish East India Company in the 1730's?


The Course

Level : A1

At the A1 level, basic language skills required for survival in an alien environment are taught. For example, "I need help", "I need to see a doctor", "I am hungry" etc. These include:

  • Greetings
  • Alphabets
  • Numbers
  • Set Presentation, basic conversation questions
  • Days of the week, months of the year, seasons
  • Clothes, Dresses, colors
  • Food and drink
  • Family, relations, friends
  • Feelings, emotions
  • Health, body parts
  • Sicknesses, doctors
  • House, rooms, furniture
  • Shopping, transport
  • Verbs
  • Pronouns
  • Conjugations
  • Colors
  • Dresses
  • Food

Level : A2

At the A2 level, the previous knowledge is applied in specific contexts. The sentences become more complex and the student starts using more adjectives, adverbs , pronouns and conjunctions. These are complex sentences describing specific contextual topics.

By the end of this level, students should be able to converse on basic but specific topics. Sentences are more complex and grammatical and allows him/her to speak and understand the language on a given topic yet still at a basic level.

Swedish grammar is taught in parallel while constructing sentences on the above topics

  • Levels Taught:   A1, A2
  • Duration: 3 months  
  • Exam Preparation(Optional):  
    12 hours for each level
  • Class Duration:  
    Tuesdays & Fridays, 9 am - 12 noon