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English needs no introduction. Thanks to the colonization of most parts of the world by Great Britain since the 17th century, English is universally spoken and it is the language of business transactons, international communications as well communications between ordinary people. Knowledge of English is considered an asset.

We invite you to learn with us and improve the quality of your English as well as the quality of your life.

Spoken English is taught in 2 modules depending on your present level of the language.


The Course

Level : MODULE 1


Learning Outcomes

  • Uninterrupted speaking in English
  • Gain confidence in the language
  • Build your skills in group discussions
  • Deliver structured presentations using signposting language
  • Pronunciation of difficult words and appropriate word stress to help in clearer speech
  • Build your vocabulary and conversation skills on a range of topics
  • Structure and organize what you want to say when delivering a mini presentation and sales pitch
  • Develop pronunciation skills, word stress, sentence stress, intonation, connected speech and the sounds of English.
  • Learn vocabulary for everyday language use.
  • Develop skills to focus on syllables, chunking techniques, stress, expressing surprise and interest and sound more natural.
  • Expand your vocabulary by being introduced to uncommon phrases, functional language, and expressions.

Level : MODULE 2


Learning Outcomes

  • Focus on interview success preparation.
  • Learn adjectives to describe your USPs, role play a mock job interview and get feedback to improve.
  • Deliver on the spot extempore speech and get extensive practice with various topics to build your confidence and fluency while speaking on the spot.
  • Learn pronunciation features such as stress, intonation and sounds which will help in being clear and accurate.
  • Improve vocabulary through introduction to relevant phrases, functional language, and expressions on a range of topics.
  • Speak at length and develop conversations, telling anecdotes and being able to have small talk on various topics.
  • In interview skills, you will be given information about the types of questions you are likely to be asked and advice on how to answer.
  • Learning to debate, will help you in critical thinking skills. Your pronunciation skills will improve by being able to differentiate similar sounds, use intonation to express emotions and identifying syllable stress.
  • Attend a full mock interview to practice.
  • Deliver an impromptu speech with little or no planning.
  • Techniques to help you speak spontaneously.
  • You will develop conversation skills and talk on topics such as friendship, annoying habits etc.
  • Further expand your pronunciation skills by focusing on connected speech, chunking and sentence stress in expressions of frequency.
  • Expanding vocabulary through learning uncommon expressions and phrases.


We will take an online level check exam (chargeable) to determine your current level of  English. An appropriate entry level will be recommended based on the results. If you decide to learn with us, the level check exam fees will be adjusted within the course fees.

There is no level check exam for entry to level 1.

  • Levels Taught:   Module 1, Module 2
  • Duration: 22.5 hours per module  
  • Exam Preparation(Optional):   NA
  • Class Duration:  
    90 mins per class