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Most Western European countries fancied themselves as colonial powers in the 15th and 16th centuries. In the early days of colonisation, Portugal was a leading nation and is credited with the discovery of Brazil. She extended her footprint to much of Asia as well, including India (as the Goa afficionados well know!). In her heydays, Portugal established the oldest Engineering College in Rio De Janeiro and Asia's oldest Medical College.

Apart from Portugal, Portuguese is spoken in Macau, Angola, Mozambique, Brazil and many other countries.

Following the great Lisbon earthquake in 1755 and subsequent war with France, Portugal's opulence diminished to a large extent. 

Tourism and football contribute greatly to the attractions of Portugal.

Knowing the language enables you to communicate effortlessly with the locals, find jobs with ease and in a million small ways, it makes life so much more comfortable, fulfilling and interesting!

Fun fact- When you think of surfing do you automatically think of Hawaii? Think again - Portugal is the top surfing destination with 365 days of surf in a year! (in a leap year they have an extra day of surf!)


The Course

Level : A1

  • Introduction to Portuguese language
  • Basic Portuguese phrases
  • Portuguese alphabet
  • Self introduction in Portuguese
  • Pronunciation
  • Definite and indefinite articles
  • Noun, gender and number(singular-plural)
  • Days, months, colours
  • Date & time expression
  • Pronouns( subject pronoun, object pronoun)
  • Numbers(cardinal and ordinal)
  • Adjective and adverb
  • Verbs
  • Irregular ( ir, vir, ter, ver, ler,ser, estar……)
  • Regular ( trabalhar, falar, olhar; escolher, receber, morrer; dividir, assistor, partir….)
  • Simple present (Eu falo português, Tú bebes bingo, Ele abre a porta…..)
  • Planned future (Eu vou falar inglês com meu amigo, Tu vais inter a oportunidade, Ele vai entender………)
  • Present progressive tense(Eu estoy a comer/ Eu estou co…)

Level : A2

  • Present perfect tense
  • Simple past tense
  • Imperfect tense
  • Reading and practicing answers
  • Regular spoken practice
  • Preposition
  • Transformation of sentences
  • Combination of article, object pronoun and preposition
  • Combination of preposition and article
  • Combination of indirect object pronoun and direct object pronoun
  • Daily life related vocabulary
  • Conversation based on lesson
  • Writing
  • Escrever a carta( writing letter )
  • Preparação de diferentes coisas( preparation of different things)
  • Listening and telling answers
  • Listening and writing simultaneously
  • Levels Taught:   A1, A2
  • Duration: 40 hours for each level  
  • Exam Preparation(Optional):  
    24 hours for each level
  • Class Duration:  
    Weekdays 2 hours per day, 3 days per week, 24 hours per month
    Weekends 3 hours per day 2 days per week, 24 hours per month