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myEnglish is tailored for students in the 18+ age group who may have studied in vernacular schools or otherwise feel that their English could do with some improvement. Such students feel the need for better english due to impending college interviews or job interviews. This course is ideal for self employed professionals who need to communicate better with their clients.


The Course


Learning Outcomes

  • Building your language skills and vocabulary to talk and write about everyday situations in English such as family, lifestyle, habits, jobs, travel, events and interests
  • Introduce yourself and write a personal profile
  • Describe visuals and manage informal telephone and email communication
  • build your grammar to talk about the past, present and the future
  • Practice writing biographies, letters, emails, review films, books and describe places
  • Conduct discussions on culture and technology
  • Learn to use functional language while travelling, shopping, and at social gatherings
  • Speak on the telephone, and ways to make polite complaints and suggestions
  • Communicate about money, banking, dates and times, and travel and transport
  • Use a variety of tenses to help you express yourself more clearly and grammatically
  • Speak with confidence when travelling, at hotels, and at restaurants and to make plans
  • Role play handling of complaints and making suggestions
  • Express your opinions and have engaging debates
  • Write articles, formal and informal letters
  • Refine your ability to present ideas, persuade and influence others
  • Express desires, explain issues and give reasons for decisions
  • Levels Taught:   NA
  • Duration: 50 hours  
  • Exam Preparation(Optional):   NA
  • Class Duration:  
    2 hours per week