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Danish or Dansk, is a close relative of Norwegian and native Norwegians and Danes can understand each other when they speak their native languages.Despite being low in natural resources, Denmark enjoys one of the highest GNP in the world. Their industry is mostly agriculture and fish industry based. Denmark is amongst the most socially advanced countries in the world. Its citzens enjoy free education and health care, besides receiving practically free social benefits.

Knowing the language enables you to communicate effortlessly with the locals, find jobs with ease and in a million small ways, it makes life so much more comfortable, fulfilling and interesting!

Fun fact - The famous sculpture in the Copenhagen harbour, The Little Mermaid was based on a children's fairy tale by Hans Christein Anderson, himself a Dane!


The Course

Level : A1

  • Understanding: Simple sentences
  • Reading: Simple sentences
  • Speaking: In short phases
  • Writing: Simple messages
  • Levels Taught:   A1
  • Duration: 40 hours for each level  
  • Exam Preparation(Optional):  
    12 hours for each level
  • Class Duration:  
    Weekdays 2 hours per day, 3 days per week, 24 hours per month
    Weekends 3 hours per day, 2 days per week, 24 hours per month