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How I learnt French

I was always very studious as a child, the essential 'lokkhi meye' that most parents want their daughters to be. I studied in a Bengali medium school and Literature was my favourite subject. When it came to deciding what I should study at the graduation level, Bengali Honors was a no brainer. I went on to do my Master's in Bengali and my aim was to become a professor of Bengali language.

Life took an unforseen turn when I visited the famous Calcutta Book Fair. There, I was standing behind a French couple and they were chatting animatedly. Obviously, I couldn't understand a word of what they were saying but the tone and cadence of their  words fascinated me.The sibilant sounds they made intrigued me. I thought to myself, if I can read the translated works of Jean Paul Satre, how much better it would be if I could read his works in the original French. At that very moment, I decided that I would learn the language.

I joined Alliance Francaise and much to my joy, I found that I do have a flair for learning languages. I progressed rapidly through the various levels. Now, over past 5 years ago, I am teaching French. 

When I look back and think of what my life would have been if I  had continued with my aim of becoming a Bengali professor, I feel my life is much more satisfying and enjoyable now. The students I meet everyday as a French trainer are very focussed and dedicated. They want to learn French for various reasons, like either they are already employed and are getting an opportunity to work in France, or they are good students with an offer for college or University education in various world renowned institutions in France. These students know what they want in life and are going about getting it in a planned and focussed manner. It is a matter of pride and joy to interact with such dedicated people.

Welcome to our courses.

Soma Dutta Ghosh